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Item List

Creepy No Boomy

Creepy No Boomy!

1.19.2 Creepy No Boomy DataPack

Double Exp Pack

Double Exp

Double Exp DataPack

Enchanting OP

Enchanting Is Op 1.20

Enchanting OP update 1.20.2

Instant Camp

Instant Camp

1.19.2 Instant Camp Datapack

Jumping Is OP

Jump Loot!

Jumping spawns loot 1.20.1

Mario Jump

Do things like mario, jump high, ground break

Not the Bees! Datapack

Not The Bees!

1.19.2 Not the Bees Datapack

Sneak Invisible

Sneak Invisible

Sneaking turns invisible

Tree Chop Datapack


Tree Chop Datapack
For minecraft 1.20.2

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