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Creepy No Boomy!

1.19.2 Creepy No Boomy DataPack

Creepy No Boomy!

This datapack makes creepers not explode, by setting their Fuse time to a very high number, meaning creepers will no longer explode your lands making ugly pot holes here there and everywhere.

this datapack is very light weright and server friendly, this make it so you dont have to use /mobgriefing so that other mobs can still do stuff but creepers have to sit it out.

It is weird though, creepers will just puff up and be fat XD, ignite them and they stay there and cannot move , they will eventually despawn.

Fuse Settings:
The creepers Fuse will take 2.7 hours to explode, it affects creepers when they enter a range of 2-3 blocks of you and changes their fuse stat automatically.

due to the nature of limit=1 command on /data modify, i cant gaurentee %100 effectiveness against creepers coming in groups of more than 2, if your surrounded by multiple creepers this datapack may not function properly, will be testing for a fix to this.

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