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Dive into the depths of Minecraft with the Lethal Company Hoarder Bug Mod, an innovative addition for Forge 1.20.1 that introduces a new and formidable creature to the game: the Hoarder Bug. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this mod unleashes a captivating new challenge for players seeking excitement and adventure in their Minecraft worlds.

As you traverse the landscapes of Minecraft, be prepared to encounter the elusive Hoarder Bug, a creature as intriguing as it is dangerous. This insectoid marvel, inspired by the depths of nature's resilience, scuttles through the shadows, Chasing players for their valuables and will not stop until it gets an item!

Or charges at you with a landmine in hand to chase you away from their territory!

With shimmering exoskeletons and mesmerizing animations powered by Geckolib, these bugs add a dynamic and visually stunning element to your Minecraft experience.

Yipee Bug

1.20.1 Forge + Geckolib

Yipee Bug

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