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This Mod Adds 50 new recipes from extra recipes that makes sense to unobtainable survival items.

Recipes Include:

-Chain Mail
-Horse Armor
-Cob Web
-Cobble(Uses Gravel)
-Sand(Sandstone to sand)
-Obsidian(bucket recipe)
-Monster Spawner
-End Portal
-Dragon Egg
-Wither SKull
-Zombie Skull
-Player Skull
-Dragon Skull
-poisonous Potato
-Name Tag
-Glowstone to dust
-Dripstone Pointed
-Amethyst Shards
-Amethyst Buds
-Quartz (block to raw)
-Stick to Planks
-Snow Layer

these are all the new added recipes (not including the variations in recipes)

Additional Recipes

1.18.2 Forge

Additional Recipes

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