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"Additional Buckets Mod"

Venture into the boundless realms of Minecraft with the "Additional Buckets" mod, a thrilling expansion that introduces a quartet of versatile buckets to revolutionize your gameplay experience.

Embark on your journey accompanied by four unique bucks, each with its own distinct capabilities, waiting to aid you in your adventures. From the reliable Cobblestone Generator Bucket to the formidable Obsidian Generator Bucket, these innovative tools empower you to harness the raw potential of your surroundings like never before.

Need a steady supply of cobblestone for your grand constructions? Look no further than the Cobblestone Generator Bucket, capable of conjuring this essential building material with a simple activation.

Yearning for the indestructible might of obsidian? The Obsidian Generator Bucket stands ready to fulfill your desires, crafting this formidable substance effortlessly and enabling you to fortify your creations with unmatched resilience.

But the wonders of the "Additional Buckets" mod don't stop there. With the Infinite Lava and Water Buckets at your disposal, you gain unfettered access to these elemental forces, allowing you to shape the landscape to your will and craft intricate designs with ease.

And how do these marvels operate? Simply stand atop a chest to automatically fill it with your chosen substance, or entrust a clever fox with your bucket, and watch as they diligently transfer the contents to your storage. The possibilities are endless with the "Additional Buckets" mod, where innovation meets exploration in the vast world of Minecraft.

Additional Buckets

1.20.1 Froge

Additional Buckets

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